Personally about owners of hundred-percent chow-chows


Elyutina Alena


Was born in Moscow on May, 30th 197... . A symbol of the Zodiac - Twins. "a DOG" on the Chinese horoscope.


Has finished usual high school № 797, that which on the Federal prospectus in area Novogireevo in Moscow (Hi, schoolmates!). Has acted in Plehanov's institute of national economy, a speciality "finance and credit", has finished him when the institute became Economic Academy, and faculty - Commercial (Hello, classmates!). In parallel with institute studied on lessons of cynologists-instructors on breeding under direction of great old judge of USSR category Chesnokova Janneta, further at school of cynologists-judges. Some years were chairman of club “ Great Dan ” in Moscow all-breed club " Kynologia ". As a stage in dog breeding - judge of 2 category.


What I am able to do and that I like to do: the finance, dogs - it is professional, to drive the car, to ski (on a field), a bicycle, a motorcycle - the fan, to go in travel and in general on business, I love my work, adventures, light music, other under mood, especially I love, when me love and accept such what I am, with all advantages and follies. It is ambitious, a nature sharp, unaccomodating.



Elyutin Igor


Main man in my life, great ( 100 kg and 188 sm) and serious (despite of easy unshaven, miopia and absent-mindedness). Symbol of the Zodiac - Sagittarius.


He - electronician, engineer and designer. Loves silence and rest (platonically, unfortunately, as to feel these objects of desire in any way it is not possible years eight), loves general enturage, in which idea successfully breed and flowes in necessary to owner of brains a direction. Basically, the only thing, what he to dois not able - it to run with Dessa on a ring. Earlier he was “personal driver for Dessa” when I did not have a car. A hobby - diverse, from the cores - cars, a computer, construction. Igor's weaknesses - to sleep in volume, sufficient that eyes opened independently, instead of on demand of alarm clock to which it is indifferent - when you have laid down. Character - difficult, is easy on rise - heavier on a landing, does not forgive lie, hates treachery.